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Program Committees

Big Ideas in Neuroscience

Reviews proposals for our flagship research initiatives.

DIBEJ Committee Founding Member

Diversity Inclusion Belonging Equity and Justice Committee

Executive Committee

Interdisciplinary Scholar Awards

Selects promising postdocs for our fellowship and career training program.

Knight Committees

Knight Initiative Senior Advisory Board

Knight Initiative Steering Committee

MBCT Committees

MBCT Graduate Student Training Committee

MBCT Seminar committee

MBCT Training Grant Committee 1

MBCT Training Grant Committee 2

Neuroscience:Translate Oversight Committee

NeuroTech Curriculum Committee

Pathways to Neurosciences mentors


Plans the program for our off-site community-building, collaboration-inducing and science-sharing retreat.

Sammy Kuo Awards

Selects the best postdoc and graduate student research papers to receive recognition at our annual symposium.

Seed Grants

Selects novel interdisciplinary ideas for seed grant support.

Seminar Series

Selects our excellent speaker lineup from hundreds of nominations from our community members.

Wu Tsai Neuro Program Committees