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Big Ideas in Neuroscience 2017-2021

Big Ideas in Neuroscience Round 1 Phase 2, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Feb 8 2017

Announcing Big Ideas in Neuroscience Initiatives

Round 1, Phase 2, 2017-2021

For two years, seven interdisciplinary teams have been tackling fundamental problems in neuroscience. After rigorous review by a committee of ten faculty, the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute is pleased to announce the selection of three outstanding teams to receive enhanced funding support for up to 5 years. Each initiative represents a big idea that could have a large impact on how we understand the brain, is driven by a highly interdisciplinary team and has demonstrated success and progress in phase 1.

Our goal is to incentivize cross-disciplinary teams working on important neuroscience and to keep the Big Ideas program alive and changing. We plan to offer another round of phase 1 funding in 2018.

The initiatives fall into the three target research categories of the Institute:

NeuroDiscovery - probing the inner workings of the brain


Brian Knutson (psychology), Keith Humphreys (psychiatry), Rob Malenka (psychiatry)
Probes how the brain makes decisions and expands that to influence public policy and economic decisions.


NeuroEngineering - creating innovative new technologies for interfacing with the brain

NeuroTechnology Initiative

Nick Melosh (materials science) and E.J. Chichilnisky (neurosurgery and ophthalmology)
Creates an incubator for next-generation neural interface platforms.


NeuroHealth - translating neuroscience discoveries into treatments

Brain Rejuvenation

Tony Wyss-Coray (neurology), Aaron Gitler (genetics)
Creates a center for neurodegeneration research focusing on brain maintenance and regeneration, and the role of the immune system in these processes.


Big Ideas Case Statement

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