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Anti-Racism Education

BLM protest at Stanford
Anti-Racism Education
- photo by Avery Krieger, 2020

As scientists we seek to continuously educate ourselves. On this page, we aim to provide resources to better understand and empathize with the experiences of Black and other marginalized communities in the United States. This is not meant to be a thorough list, as there are plenty of resources available elsewhere, but we highlight some pieces that align with the values we seek to promote in our community.

The resources below have been roughly ordered by how much time is expected to be needed for each.

Short Pieces  |  Audio / Video  |  Books  |  Stanford Resources  |  External Resources

If you have suggestions for resources to add to this list or would like to submit a testimonial about one of the resources below, please submit them on our feedback form.

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Short pieces

Responses to 10 Common Criticisms of Anti-Racism Action in STEM

by Maya Gosztyla, Lydia Kwong, Naomi Murray, Claire Williams


Identifying microaggressions in everyday life

by Office of the VPGE (workshop by Dr. Terrance Mayes)

How to better support Black trainees in the biomedical sciences

by Angeline Dukes

For Black Scientists, the Sorrow Is Also Personal

by Dr. Kafui Dzirasa

One Black employee’s answer to “How can I help?”

by Alica Forneret 


Audio and Video

Anti-Racism Audible Syllabus

by Stanford CTL Graduate Teaching Consultants for the VPUE Teach-In


Addressing Microaggressions Workshop

by Dr. Terrance Mayes 



The Fire Next Time

"A beautiful, two-part essay collection from renowned writer and playwright James Baldwin. I personally loved the digestibility of Baldwin’s writing, which often feels like the author is writing directly to the audience in the form of a letter. In fact, one of the twoessays is framed as a letter to his young Black nephew! Sometimes scathing, sometimes gut-wrenching, but always beaiful, Baldwin’s words provide a unique literary perspective of a gay Black man from NY.” - Avery Krieger, Neuroscience Graduate Student

Sister Outsider

"As a man of color growing up in the south, my exposure to the nuances of intersectional lesbian, Black feminism has been relatively limited. In charges Lorde, forcing me to either reconcile all my preconceived notions with her poetic descriptions of experiences and letters or to start over, fresh, with an attitude of love and compassion to guide me. Throughout the essays gathered in this book, a coherent and compelling theory of intersectional feminism emerges that everyone would stand to benefit from exposure to.” - Avery Krieger, Neuroscience Graduate Student

Resources from Stanford

External Curated Resources

21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

by Eddie Moore, Jr. (America & Moore)


Anti-Racism Literature, Film, and Audio

by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein

Scaffolded Anti-Racism Growth for Allies

by Anna Stamborski, Nikki Zimmermann, Bailie Gregory

Concrete Steps for Advancing, Mentoring, and Recruiting

by J. Castrellon, M. Cikara, E. Falk, I. Kraemer, M. Lynch, H. Nam, A. Paul, G. Reyes, G. Samanez-Larkin, D. Yee

external resources