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How to Exploit the Nature of the Human Brain in Complex Socio-Technical Ecosystems

Javier Garcia, PhD
November 3, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Durand Building, Room 353
Javier Omar Garcia

Free and open to members of the Stanford community. Lunch will be provided.

Javier Omar Garcia, PhD

Neuroscientist, US DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, Humans in Complex Systems Division

At this talk, Dr. Javier Garcia, a neuroscientist with the Army Research Laboratory, will provide a broad overview of how neuroscience and neurotechnologies may be leveraged to support non-medical solutions for the US Army, with a specific focus on human-technology teams, artificial intelligence, and hybrid human-technology systems. He will summarize some of his group's recent work, highlighting the impact network neuroscience approaches have had in understanding the brain and how they may be harnessed to support hybrid human-technology systems of the future. Advancements in complex systems approaches have created ways to quantify the elasticity of the brain by computing how ‘flexibly’ network modules of the brain reconfigure and have shown its importance in many cognitive phenomena, including learning and memory. Dr. Garcia's recent work provides support for the hypothesis that the flexibility in the brain is critical for cognition and suggests that it may even provide a necessary mechanism for behavioral resilience and adaptation, properties crucial to US Army success in the future.

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Hacking for Defense, Precourt Institute of Energy
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