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Neuroscience Superfriends - Jordan Sorokin

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Superfriends logo
April 18, 2018 - 5:30pm
Alway M106

Speaker - Jordan Sorokin 

Topic - Jordan will tell us about state transitions in epilepsy, and share some grad school life talk.

After Jordan's talk, there will be a pow-wow about the future of Superfriends. We want to make Superfriends something that is useful (and hopefully fun!) for everybody in the program, and we're looking for your input to make that happen. Do you think that Superfriends is incredible and should never change? Do you have an idea for a total overhaul? Senior students: what would make you want to sign-up for Superfriends? Newer students: what would make you want to attend? Or present in the future?

Whatever ideas or opinions you may have, we strongly encourage you to attend next week and speak up! If you have thoughts but can't make it, or are hesitant to air them publicly, feel free to email us in advance.

Contact Email: 
Isabel Iselin Cusick Low <>