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Precision Mental Health & Wellness Anniversary Symposium: The Promise of Precision Health for Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment in Mental Health

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September 24, 2021 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

PMHW's 2021 Symposium over. Please register for their 2022 Symposium, taking place Sept 28, 2022.


The Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health & Wellness (PMHW) invites you to join them for the Precision Mental Health & Wellness Anniversary Symposium

We are truly delighted to have Dean Lloyd Minor, M.D., present opening remarks, highlighting how the Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health & Wellness (PMHW) aligns with his vision for precision health - to anticipate and prevent disease in the healthy and to precisely diagnose and treat disease in the ill. Now is the time to align this vision with the urgent need for a transformative new approach to mental health. 

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Chair, Laura Roberts, Ph.D., will highlight how the Center, in pioneering this new approach, has led the way for precision psychiatry within the field, and other centers are already seeking to model their approach on Stanford.  We are equally delighted that Ruth O’Hara, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research, will present closing remarks and the vision for the future. This will also be an opportunity for formally welcoming her to the Center executive leadership.  Presentations will highlight exciting new discoveries and initiatives within our ‘end-to-end’ translational goals.  Speakers will share new discoveries since the Center launched, about the brain connectome and biotypes for depression and anxiety, integrated with novel digital and other sensors.  These discoveries have led to exciting new studies and collaborations across departments and areas of expertise. They have been a foundation for launching precision trials in which novel interventions are matched to the most suitable clinical-biotype profile.   We will also share new initiatives that reflect how data and computation are at the core of what we do – including a data sharing repository for our accumulated deep data on several 1000s of individuals, spanning the continuum of mental wellness through illness, from clinical, behavior, multiple types of brain imaging. Clinically, speakers will highlight the Center’s roadmap in establishing a first-in-field translational mental health clinic, and referral workflow for obtaining precision neuroscience tests and reports.

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Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health & Wellness