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The Science of Learning: Evidence-based Teaching in STEM Education

April 17, 2014 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Paul Allen Building, Room 101X
Third Annual ASEE Engineering Education Colloquium Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Paul Doherty Senior Staff Scientist at the Exploratorium

Paul Doherty is a senior scientist at the Exploratorium where his main job is helping high school science teachers make science relevant, interesting, correct and fun. He also helps make new exhibits work at the museum. Paul is a PhD experimental physicist from M.I.T., a winner of the Faraday Award for Excellence in Science Teaching from the National Science Teachers Association, and was recently hired by the Dalai Lama to bring hands-on science education to Tibetans in exile in India.

They welcome undergraduate, graduates, postdocs, researchers, alumni, and faculty to join!

Dinner and light fare will be provided for all registered attendees so please RSVP here


Invited Presentations

4:00-4:25 PM - Tim Stearns: "Beyond the cookbook: a rigorous, research-based lab course for all

4:25-4:50 PM - Bertrand Schneider: “Preparing Students for Future Learning with a Tangible User Interface


5:00-5:50 PM - “Technologies for enhanced learning environments”

Candace Thille, Dan Schwartz, Eric Eslinger, Jennifer Wang

Keynote Address

6:00-6:45 PM - Paul Doherty: To Learn Engineering, Do Engineering!

6:45-8:00 PM - Closing Remarks Followed by Dinner Reception

Event Sponsor: 
Stanford Student Chapter of American Society for Engineering Education