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Neurofeedback Lunch Series

The Neurofeedback lunch series is a postdoc initiative to promote interactions between labs at the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, share ongoing work by trainees, and promote in house collaboration, discussion and networking. The event also serves to train PhD candidates and postdocs to deliver concise, structured and easily understandable talks on their ongoing work to neuroscience experts from different fields, and provide a regular building-wide social event to increase cohesion within the institute.

2021-22 Fall Quarter Speakers

November 3: Csaba Forro, Cui lab: "Mesh-electrode-arrays for interfacing organoids: design and implementation"
November 17: Lori Dershowitz, Kaltschmidt lab: "Development and patterning of the enteric nervous system"
December 1: Eric Zhao, Melosh lab: "Towards high fidelity neural prosthetics: ultra-flexible, high channel count peripheral nerve interfaces"
December 15: Gil Vantomme, Huguenard lab: "Physiology of thalamic nucleus reuniens projections to the medial prefrontal cortex in mice"

2021-22 Winter Quarter Speakers

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