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Event Series

Brain with lightbulb
The Neurofeedback lunch series is a postdoc initiative to promote interactions between labs at the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, share ongoing work by trainees, and promote in house collaboration, discussion and networking. The series also serves to train PhD candidates and postdocs to deliver...
Wu Tsai Neuro seminar series logo
Our flagship seminar series, held Thursdays at noon, brings together the Stanford neuroscience community to discuss the frontiers of cross-disciplinary brain research.
Wu Tsai Neuro Annual Symposium 2022 logo: Remembering the Past & Imagining the Future
Our ninth Annual Symposium — "Remembering the Past. Imagining the Future." — will explore the latest research on the neuroscience of memory, why our ability to learn and remember declines with age, and how we can promote brain resilience into the future.
MBCT Symposium 2022 Logo
The Center for Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology annual symposium brings speakers from across the world to share their research. This year's theme is centered on learning from multidisciplinary perspectives.
2021 Symposium: The addiction epidemic, from neuroscience to policy
The Eighth Annual Symposium of the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute will be on October 21, 2021.