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Developmental Projects for Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease related disorders (AD/ADRD) ($250,000)

Funding Sponsor: 
Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Funding Deadline: 
March 30, 2020 - 5:00 pm

Contact Phone: (650) 721-5283
Contact Email:

Amount of funding and budget information:

  • Applicants may request up to $250K in direct costs for two years (range, one-to-three years) under this program. 
  • The Stanford ADRC plans to fund two developmental projects this year. 
  • The budget period is anticipated to begin 5/01/20.


  • All Stanford faculty (UTL, MCL, NTL-Research, CE). Awards are intended primarily for junior faculty investigators, but senior faculty investigators whose research is primarily in areas other than AD/ADRD are eligible, as are senior postdoctoral fellows transitioning to an academic position (or the equivalent). 
  • An investigator is eligible only once for development project support. You do not have to submit your applications through your RPM.


This announcement is also available on this webpage:



  • Develop robust preliminary data sufficient to provide the basis for an application for independent research support from the NIH or other agency.  
  • Developmental project grants are designed for junior faculty level investigators or more senior investigators who have experience in areas other than Alzheimer’s disease or Lewy body research, and who want to work in the Alzheimer research field broadly defined or want to try a new hypothesis, method, or approach that is not an extension of ongoing Alzheimer or Lewy body research.


Programmatic questions should be directed to Dr. Katrin Andreasson, chair of the Developmental Project Review Committee (, administrative questions to Nusha Askari (, Senior Administrator of the ADRC.

If selected and funded:

Funding is contingent upon receipt of all required documents and protocols, and verification of approved protocols should be submitted to Nusha Askari at the ADRC. An annual report and final progress report in NIH format will also be due to Nusha Askari. A presentation of progress is required, usually at the time of the annual site visit of the ADRC External Advisory Board.

Submitting an application:

By Monday March 30, 2020, please submit one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below via email to:

Nusha Askari, Stanford ARDC,

1. Title page

  • ​Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Developmental Projects 2020
  • Project Leader Name, Title, department, address, phone number, email
  • Co-Investigator(s): Name, Title, department, address, phone number, email


2. Project summary or abstract

  • Include project title (up to 30 lines)


3. Research proposal

Provide a brief description (3 pages) of proposed reasearch. Page count includes figures and tables, but does not include references.

  • Specific Aims and Research Strategy (consisting of significance, innovation, and approach)
  • Bibliography/References


4. Detailed budget

  • Up to $250,000 direct costs
  • Budget period: 5/01/20 to 4/30/22 (or other one to three year period, as appropriate).
  • Please note: you do not have to have your RPM prepare your budget now, but if approved we will need to submit an official budget to the NIH (the ADRC will do that).


5. Budget justification

  • 1 page, NIH format


6. NIH-format biosketch for the project leader and co-investigators


7. Other support (NIH format) for project leader and co-investigators

  • Please include both active and pending support

Selection process:

The ADRC Developmental Project Review Committee will review and recommend action on all Developmental Project applications. You will receive a notification of selection by the end of April 2020.

Note: the release of funds after selection is contingent upon formal approval of the National Institute on Aging and verification by ADRC of the recipient's human subject, SCRO, and animal subject approvals and compliance with other administrative issues.