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Goldstein Piekarski's Lab: academic year and summer opportunities

Andrea Goldstein Piekarski
Funding Sponsor: 
Dr. Andrea Goldstein-Piekarski
Contact Email:
Funding Deadline: 
June 1, 2023 - 11:59 pm

Research topics: The overarching goal of the CoPsyN Sleep Lab is to understand how sleep contributes to psychiatric disorders, particularly depression, across the lifespan by using fMRI, high-density EEG sleep recordings, and computational approaches. Current projects include two longitudinal neuroimaging and hd-EEG studies examining the impact of a sleep intervention on well-being and fronto-limbic brain function in individuals with 1) Depression and 2) Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Techniques: We use MRI, EEG, behavioral and clinical assessments in humans


Seeking undergrads for: Academic year, Summer

Location: Flexible, with possibilities for remote or on-campus research projects

Required skills: Highly motivated, eager-to-learn with a long-term interest in research related to psychology, neuroscience, or other health/social sciences.

This lab is particularly interested in mentoring: Undergrads from backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM, Undergrads without previous exposure to laboratory research, Undergrads from local community colleges

How to apply: Email desginated lab representative - Leah Harris (