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Maduke Lab: academic year and summer opportunities

Funding Sponsor: 
Dr. Merritt Maduke
Funding Deadline: 
June 1, 2022 - 11:59 am

Research topics: We want to understand the molecular details of electrical signaling in the brain.

Techniques: We study ion channels and transporters – the molecular units responsible for electrical signaling – using electrophysiology, biochemistry, structural biology, and other quantitative approaches to uncover molecular mechanisms. 

Website: Maduk Lab

Seeking undergrads for: Academic year, Summer

Location: On-campus research projects only

Required skills: None

This lab is particularly interested in mentoring: Undergrads from backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM, Undergrads without previous exposure to laboratory research, open to all curious students willing to learn

How to apply: Contact Dr. Maduke (