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Raymond Lab: academic year and summer opportunities

Jennifer Raymond, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Funding Sponsor: 
Dr. Jennifer Raymond
Contact Email: 
Trace Stay (
Funding Deadline: 
January 8, 2022 - 11:59 pm

Research topics: The goal of our research is to understand the algorithms used by the brain to implement learning. 

Techniques: We measure reflexive eye movements in mice while using electrophysiology, fiber photometry, optogenetics, or genetic modifications to examine how neural activity ties to behavior.


Seeking undergrads for: Academic year

Location: On-campus research projects only

Required skills: Dedication - Applicants must be able to commit to coming to lab minimum 10 hours per week

This lab is particularly interested in mentoring: Undergrads from backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM, Undergrads without previous exposure to laboratory research, undergrads from local community colleges

How to apply: Contact Trace Stay (

Project information: Open project involves investigating how environmental experience after behavioral training affects retention of the learned motor behavior.  Applicant would conduct behavioral training and 24-hour follow up experiments with mice, learn to analyze data using existing custom Matlab scripts, organize data into summary figures for presentation, and help determine ongoing direction for future experiments based on project results.  Applicant would also learn from a rich lab environment, with optional weekly lab meetings and interactions with senior postdocs based on time availability (in addition to lab social events).  Dedicated applicants would also have potential opportunities to learn animal surgery, perfusion, cryosectioning and slide preparation, immunohistochemistry, and/or optogenetic stimulation if research continued into spring.