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Training opportunities

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Become a certified Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry instructor

Stanford Libraries is looking for up to 30 people who are interested in becoming certified Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry instructors.

Stanford staff, postdocs and graduate students are eligible to apply.

About the Carpentries

The Carpentries' purpose is to teach software and computing skills to scientists in order to make their work faster, more efficient, and more reproducible. The main skills taught at the workshops are a combination of R, python, task automation with the shell, and Git. If you have skills in any of these areas, then you might be interested in this instructor training. (You must already have at least one of these skills.)

This training opportunity

Instructor training is typically only available to institutions that partner with the Carpentries. Stanford Libraries has such a partnership this year, so this is an excellent opportunity for Stanford students, post docs, and staff to get access to this training, which is FREE to you! Once trained, we hope you will teach at and/or help with Carpentries workshops that we are running on Stanford’s campus in the future.

Content of the training

The instructor training is all about pedagogy and is interactive. It is NOT about the content (R or python or git, etc). By being certified as one their instructors, you can teach official Software Carpentry and/or Data Carpentry workshops. 

Training logistics

The training event will be two consecutive days, all day. You will be required to meet together as a group on campus for those two days. You will need to be present for the entire two days. Your instructors may be present in the room with you or may be connected to you remotely. If we do not have enough people to fill a session on our own (typically around 15 people), you may also be connecting virtually with a group of people from another institution.


Once we have a list of people who are interested, we’ll find out what dates the Carpentries has available and then determine which dates work best for our group. The earliest dates would likely be in November 2017, but may also be in 2018.


Please email Amy Hodge ( as soon as possible if you are interested.