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Hongkui Zeng

Hongkui Zeng, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Hongkui Zeng, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Structured Science
Allen Institute for Brain Science



Hongkui Zeng, Ph.D., is Executive Director of Structured Science in Allen Institute for Brain Science. She is leading the Structured Science Division to develop and operate high-throughput pipelines to generate large-scale, open-access datasets and tools to accelerate neuroscience discovery. Zeng received her Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from Brandeis University, where she studied the molecular mechanisms of the circadian clock in fruit flies. Then as a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she studied the molecular and synaptic mechanisms underlying hippocampus-dependent plasticity and learning. Since joining the Allen Institute, she has led several research programs, including the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas project and the Mouse Cell Types program. Her current research interests are in understanding neuronal diversity and connectivity in the mouse visual cortical circuit and how different neuronal types work together to process and transform visual information.