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LSM 710 Confocal Scope

The LSM 710 Confocal is an inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. This scope is equipped with an environmental control chamber, motorized stage and software for time-lapse imaging of living cells.

For an internal diagram of the LSM710 scanhead click here.


AxioObserver.Z1 Microscope


Z drive DC motorized Z-drive with optoelectronic coding, resolution 10 nm, reproducibility ±10 nm.
XY stage Motor-driven XY scanning stage (120 × 100 mm) with Mark & Find and Tile Scan (Mosaic Scan) functions; smallest increment 1 μm.
Transmitted light 12 V/100 W halogen light source, motorized condenser LD 0.55 NA, brightfield/DIC/phase
Fluorescence equipment EXFO X-Cite 120 illumination source, coupled to scope with liquid light guide, motorized 6-position reflector turret with DIC cube and three fluorescence filter cubes (see below).


mag. type NA w.d.
10× Plan Apochromat 0.45 2.0 click here
20× Plan Apochromat 0.8 0.55 click here
40× Plan Neofluar (oil) 1.3 0.21 click here
63× Plan Apochromat (oil) 1.4 0.19 click here



Fluorescence filter cubes
(note: no camera, these are for eyepiece viewing only)
description excitation dichroic
50% trans.
emission pdf file
DAPI 365/60 (peak/FWHM, nm) 395 420-470 (bandpass range, nm) PDF icon DAPI_set49.pdf
GFP 450-490 (bandpass range, nm) 490 500-550 (bandpass range, nm) PDF icon GFP_set38HE.pdf
DsRed 545/25 (peak/FWHM) 570 570-640 (bandpass range, nm) PDF icon DsRed_set43.pdf

LSM 710 Scanning Module

Scanner Two independent galvanometric scanning mirrors, real-time controlled.
Scan resolution 4 × 1 to 6144 × 6144 pixels, continuously variable
Scanning speed 14 × 2 speed stages; up to 12.5 frames/s with 256 × 256 pixels; 5 frames/s with 512 × 512 pixels; (max. 77 frames/s with 512 × 32 pixels), 0.38 ms for a line of 512 pixels; up to 2619 lines per second.
Scan zoom 0.6× to 40×, digitally variable in steps of 0.1
Scan rotation Free 360° rotation in steps of 1°, free X/Y offset.
Scan field 20 mm diagonal field (max.) in the intermediate image plane, with full pupil illumination
Pinholes Master pinhole pre-adjusted in size and position, individually variable for multi-tracking and short wavelengths (e.g. 405 nm)
Detection Three simultaneous confocal fluorescence channels with highly sensitive low dark noise photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). Transmitted light channel with PMT.
Data depth 8- 12- or 16-bit selectable

Laser Module

VIS Laser Module Pigtail-coupled lasers with polarization-preserving single-mode fibers, temperature-stabilized VIS-AOTF (acousto-optical tunable filter) for simultaneous intensity control; switching time <5 μs


Laser Line(s)
Power [end-of-life specification]
diode 405 30
Argon 458, 488, 514 25 or 35
DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) 561 20
HeNe 633 5

For a brief introduction to PDF icon confocal_microscopy_from_Zeiss.pdf