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NeuroTech Trainees

NeuroTech Trainee

Ziad Ali

Electrical Engineering
electrical engineering, electrophysiology, circuits, electromagnetics
Emily Anaya, Neurotech trainee

Emily Anaya

Electrical Engineering
brain imaging, deep learning, attenuation correction
NeuroTech Trainee

Gabriela Basel

Chemical Engineering
theoretical neuroscience, statistical mechanics, noise correlations in resting state fMRI
NeuroTech Trainee

Mihyun Choi

focused ultrasound, neuromodulation
Yi-Shiou Duh, NeuroTech trainee

Yi-Shiou Duh

nanophotonics, metamaterial, optical microscopy
NeuroTech Trainee

Madeline Hays

bioengineering, bi-directional neural interface, artificial retina, visual neuroscience
Max Kanwal, Neurotech trainee

Max Kanwal

Electrical Engineering
causal inference, predictive coding, theoretical neuroscience
NeuroTech Trainee, Carl Keck

Carl Keck

Materials Science and Engineering
Optogenetics, plasmonics, neuromodulation, nanofabrication
Vasily Kruzhilin, NeuroTech trainee

Vasily Kruzhilin

Applied Physics
2p microscopy, voltage imaging, adaptive optics
NeuroTech Trainee, Erin Kunz

Erin Kunz

Electrical Engineering
Intra-cortical BCI, Machine Learning, Neural Prosthetics, Robustness
NeuroTech Trainee, Ava Lakmazaheri

Ava Lakmazaheri

Mechanical Engineering
exoskeleton assistance, neuromechanics, motor learning
Neuro Tech trainee

Alissa Ling

Electrical Engineering
neural dynamics, pose estimation, brain machine interface
NeuroTech Trainee, Shreyas Muralidharan

Shreyas Muralidharan

Electrical Engineering
Cognitive Neuroscience, Visuospatial Attention, Electrophysiology
NeuroTech Trainee, Yuya Nishio

Yuya Nishio

Electrical Engineering
minimally invasive neural interface, soft electronics, mixed-signal circuits
NeuroTech Trainee, AJ Phillips

AJ Phillips

Electrical Engineering
neuroengineering, bi-directional neural interface, artificial retina, experimental neuroscience
NeuroTech Trainee

Andrew Shin

Materials Science and Engineering
high resolution neural prosthesis, photovoltaic retinal stimulation
NeuroTech Trainee, Praful Vasireddy

Praful Vasireddy

Electrical Engineering
Retinal prostheses, multi-electrode stimulation, current steering, selectivity

Grace Woods

Applied Physics
experimental and computational neuroscience, flexible neural probes, onset and progression of neurodegeneration
NeuroTech Trainee

Shenandoah Wrobel

mood, whole-brain imaging, noninvasive brain interfaces
Pumiao Yan, NeuroTech trainee

Pumiao Yan

Electrical Engineering
high bandwidth neural interface, mixed-signal circuits, event-driven ADC, artificial retina