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Terms and Conditions: Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology Student Membership Program (fall 2020 and later)

This page applies to student who joined the Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology program after 2019. For those who joined the program before 2020, visit our previous terms and conditions.


Travel funds

All Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology student members in good standing are eligible to receive travel funds that can be used within three years of joining the program. Trainees may receive up to $1,500 to be used for approved travel directly related to their research or research training, such as scientific meetings or similar events. Funds awarded for a year may only be applied to travel conducted that fiscal year (between September 1 and the following August 31).

All student members must receive prior approval for their travel from both their primary mentor (who must fill out a Student Certification form), and from the Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology program manager. 

Students traveling to a scientific meeting are strongly encouraged to present either a talk (preferred) or a poster, as this is an important part of their scientific training. Students who are not planning to present must include a justification when they request prior approval from the program manager.

To receive approval from the training program manager, email with:

  1. Your Student Certification form, completed and signed by your primary mentor,

  2. The event and location that you are traveling to,

  3. The dates of your travel,

  4. A two- to three-sentence explanation of the purpose of your travel, specifically relating it to the Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology training program, and

  5. Either confirmation that you will be presenting a poster or talk, or an explanation of why you are not planning to do so.

Please note: Stanford now requires graduate students to use Stanford Travel for their travel booking. Learn more.

Students are generally reimbursed for their approved travel after they return. However, if paying out of pocket would be a financial burden, please email in advance so that we may help, preferably at least six weeks ahead of your travel dates.

Immediately after returning from their pre-approved travel, students should complete the Travel Expense form, and, for international travel, the Currency Conversion form, and email both, along with any required receipts and documentation, to

Forms and resources

 Student Certification Form (requires download and mentor signature)

PDF icon Travel Expense Form

File Foreign Currency Converter

Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology logos

Additional funds

Student members are eligible to apply for additional funds for advanced, individualized training opportunities such as additional travel and research-related expenditures. The program accepts applications for such funding requests several times per year. Students are required to apply in advance of the opportunity they would like to use these funds for. Additional information will be shared during each application period.


An important goal of the Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology student membership program is that its students develop strong collaboration, leadership, and community engagement skills. Student are expected to be engaged and contributing members of the community, to attend center seminars and the annual student member meeting, to present their work to the community, and to take an active role in assisting with ongoing center events, or in developing new ways to strengthen and enrich the community.