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Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology Symposium 2022 - Insights from new technologies into the neural basis of cognition

March 2, 2022 - 9:30am-3pm PST

The Center for Mind, Brain, Computation and Technology's 14th annual symposium brings speakers from across the world to share their research. 

The biological events that underlie cognitive processes remain poorly elucidated, yet uncovering these events is crucial for adjudicating between different extant theories of cognition, guiding the formulation of new theories, and understanding how information processing is accomplished with biological mechanisms.

This symposium explores progress in our understanding of the biological basis for cognition that has been enabled by recent technological and methodological advances. Two speakers (Losonczy, Behrens) will discuss the biological events that underlie memory retrieval, a core element of many modes of cognition, in the human brain and animal models that allow in vivo studies at cellular resolution. Two speakers (Witten, Kepecs) will examine the neural circuits and cellular mechanisms that underlie basic forms of decision-making.

Throughout the symposium, speakers and our discussion panel will appraise the ways and extent to which biological studies can inform and be guided by ideas from cognitive science, and how new technologies emerging now may further propel their studies in the next few years.

2022 MBCT Symposium Program

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Registration closes March 1 at 4pm PT.

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