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Jan 9 2018 | SLS Blogs
Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era policy that, in effect, allowed state laws regarding marijuana use, for medical and commercial, to trump federal law. Will this new move by AG Sessions dampen the burgeoning commercial marijuana industry in states?
Paul Yock is being honored for establishing Stanford Biodesign to help innovators create devices and technologies that improve health care.
The Stanford neuroscientist's research focused on the cells in the brain that aren't nerve cells. Collectively called glia, these "other" cells play a central role in sculpting and maintaining the brain's wiring diagram.
Easing anxiety in young patients using immersive technology
Helen Blau, Stanley Cohen and H. Tom Soh are being honored for their work in creating inventions that have improved the quality of life and welfare of society.
Dec 21 2017 | Stanford Engineering
The initiative measures AI’s technological progress much as the GDP and S&P 500 take the pulse of the U.S. economy and stock market.
Science and art are often regarded as distinct – either a person can’t be serious about both or an interest in one must relate somehow to work in the other. In reality, many scientists participate in and produce art at all levels and in every medium.
Michael Zhu Chen is one of five individuals with Stanford affiliations who will begin graduate programs at the University of Oxford in England next fall as Rhodes Scholars. This is the second in a series of profiles of the scholars.
A characteristic electrical-activity pattern in a key brain region predicts impulsive actions just before they occur. A brief electrical pulse at just the right time can prevent them, Stanford scientists have found.
We are concerned deeply by a report that staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were instructed not to use certain words in budget documents.