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Media Coverage

Oct 22 2019 | Nature Communications
Inhibitory control is fundamental to children’s self-regulation and cognitive development.
Oct 16 2019 | Science Translational Medicine
Patients with epilepsy present abnormal activity in specific brain areas, resulting in the development of seizures.
Oct 14 2019 | Nature Communications
Advances in precision molecular imaging promise to transform our ability to detect, diagnose and treat disease.
Sep 24 2019 | eCorner Stanford
A new program in the School of Engineering teaches STEM faculty how to share breakthrough discoveries with the world.
Sep 24 2019 | BBC Sounds UK
Addiction specialist Sally Marlow examines the science behind addiction to find out why so many people in Britain are hooked on drugs and alcohol.
Sep 18 2019 | National Public Radio
Researchers are beginning to understand why certain brain cancers are so hard to stop.
Sep 10 2019 | Los Angeles Times
There’s a difference between being addicted to a prescription drug and being dependent on it.
Sep 9 2019 | Wired
Regulators say Juul hasn't proved its claim that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, and uses misleading appeals to kids.
Sep 9 2019 | The Atlantic
“Digital exhaust” from online life could be transformed into health insights. Should it be?
Sep 3 2019 | Science AAAS
If you frequently find yourself searching for a critical piece of information you jotted down as you performed your experiment, trying to remember when you did what, or scouring your hard drive to find the right file, it may be time to revisit how you keep your research notes.