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Media Coverage

May 11 2022 | Nature News
A protein in cerebrospinal fluid helps boost cells that maintain brain function.
May 11 2022 | Fortune
Institute affiliate Carolyn Rodriguez explains that traditional treatment methods for depression don’t work for some patients, but psychedelics are showing immense potential as an antidote for those who are suffering.
Apr 28 2022 | Time Magazine
Hypnosis creates “a non-judgmental immersive experience,” says David Spiegel, a Stanford University psychiatrist and leading researcher of hypnosis.
Apr 4 2022 | NPR
Psychiatrist and author Anna Lembke says, almost every behavior has become "drugified."
Mar 27 2022 | Washington Post
Researchers say the brain inflammation in long covid is similar to that in cancer patients. Featuring Michelle Monje.
Mar 24 2022 | Spectrum News
A deep-learning method can detect autism’s “fingerprints” on a brain scan and predict a person’s social-communication difficulties, according to a new study by Kaustubh Supkekar and colleagues.
Mar 19 2022 | The Guardian
Dr Jamie Zeitzer, who studies sleep medicine at Stanford, agrees that we should stop the constant clock-changing, and that morning light is particularly important.
Mar 16 2022 | Quanta Magazine
Biomechanical interactions, rather than neurons, control the movements of one of the simplest animals. The discovery offers a glimpse into how animal behavior worked before neurons evolved.
Mar 8 2022 | WIRED
Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain chip, plans to test this year on human subjects. Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Paul Nuyujukian discusses what this means for brain implant science?
Mar 8 2022 | Spectrum News
Neuroscientist Ben Rein never intended to get into science communication. But simple frustration drove him to it after a shopping trip in early April of 2020, he says.