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Media Coverage

Feb 1 2019 | STAT News
The nonprofit Wellcome Trust recently announced a $200 million commitment to support more mental health research, including scientists studying the underpinnings of existing treatments.
Jan 31 2019 | Medium
Philosophers, Writers, and Scientists Agree
Jan 24 2019 | Women's Health
While it's no secret that mood or anxiety might play a part in a restless night, a new study has shed light on how your personality can affect the quality of your sleep.
Jan 24 2019 | CBS News
Many of us are in the habit of burning the candle at both ends during the week and crashing on the weekend, but experts are issuing increasingly dire warnings about the dangers of "sleep deficit" -- a chronic shortage of rest that is wreaking havoc on our brains and bodies.
Jan 23 2019 | National Academy of Sciences
Liqun Luo, Stanford University, will receive the 2019 Pradel Research Award.
Jan 22 2019 |
That toxic job you hate could be doing far more damage than simply making you bored and stressed.
Jan 21 2019 | Huffpost
A toxic job can make you sick in a multitude of ways.
Jan 17 2019 | NPR
Researchers studying mouse brains identified the cells that encode pain's unpleasantness.
Jan 14 2019 | Fortune
Conventional MRI or CT scans can reveal only so much about what a patient’s brain looks like. But feed those images into VR technology, and surgeons can see the brain—all the ridges and fissures, lobes and veins—in 3D, so they can simulate surgery before stepping into the operating room.
Jan 7 2019 | Nature
Machine learning makes new sense of psychiatric symptoms