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Media Coverage

Sep 9 2019 | The Atlantic
“Digital exhaust” from online life could be transformed into health insights. Should it be?
Sep 3 2019 | Science AAAS
If you frequently find yourself searching for a critical piece of information you jotted down as you performed your experiment, trying to remember when you did what, or scouring your hard drive to find the right file, it may be time to revisit how you keep your research notes.
Aug 28 2019 | Forbes
Wasteful spending constitutes an estimated 34% of U.S. healthcare, exceeding $1 trillion annually, and can be attributed to factors such as prevention failures, duplicate services, and over-treatment that could be eliminated without impacting patients.
Aug 28 2019 | SFN Neuronline
Several brain circuits that identify emotions are solidified early in development and include diverse regions beyond the amygdala, according to new research in children, adolescents, and young adults published in JNeurosci.
Aug 26 2019 | PBS
A ruling from a judge in Oklahoma that marketing tactics used by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson contributed to the opioid crisis could signal what’s ahead for other drug companies facing lawsuits across the country.
Aug 23 2019 | PBS
A proposed change to how addiction treatment records are shared by health care providers has raised concerns about the potential impact on patient privacy.
Aug 20 2019 | Science AAAS
Moe was desperate for relief and fearful for his future. So when he heard about a clinical trial testing a new approach to treating depression at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, near his home, he signed up.
Aug 12 2019 | Elemental Medium
A new clinical trial will zap the brain’s reward center to help people who struggle with obesity and binge eating
Aug 3 2019 | Healthline
A new study found that children with ADHD are less likely to be ready to start kindergarten.
Parents can take steps to prepare their children for school and ease them through the transition.
For some children, waiting an extra year before starting kindergarten can help.
Jul 26 2019 | Palo Alto Online
Local medical professionals say psychedelic abused as a party drug has made life-changing improvements for patients