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Media Coverage

May 12 2021 | ScienceNews
Electrodes in a paralyzed man’s brain turned his imagined handwriting into words typed on a screen. The translation from brain to text may ultimately point to ways to help people with disabilities like paralysis communicate using just their thoughts.
May 10 2021 | Discover Magazine
Multitasking might seem like a clever way to get a grip on an out-of-control to-do list, but research shows that’s not such a great plan.
May 3 2021 | MedScape
Hypnotherapy may be an effective way to reduce opioid use in postsurgical settings, new research shows.
Apr 28 2021 | Medical Xpress
The hippocampus is a brain structure within the temporal lobe known to play a key role in memory and learning.
Apr 21 2021 | The World
Unlike smartphones, our mental hardware is tremendously changeable. Here’s how our remarkably nimble brains rewire themselves.
Apr 13 2021 | The New York Times
In a new study, women reported higher levels of fatigue associated with video calls than men. The solution, though, isn’t as simple as not having video calls.
Apr 2 2021 | KALW
As video conferencing has become a part of our daily lives, so has “Zoom fatigue.” Why do we feel drained after a day in front of our screens?
Mar 26 2021 | WGBH Radio
Reprogramming our un-programmed minds
Mar 25 2021 | Exploring Drug Discovery and Development
Combining machine learning and EEG may have identified an imaging biomarker for better treating PTSD and MDD
Mar 22 2021 | New York Times
The condition, formerly called multiple personality disorder, affects a surprising 1 percent of the population.