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Media Coverage

Dec 9 2015 |
Baba Shiv is the Sanwa Bank, Ltd., Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research expertise is in the area of neuroeconomics, with specific emphasis on the role of neural structures related to emotion and motivation in shaping decisions and experiences.
Dec 3 2015 | Nature International weekly journal of science
Turquoise killifish genomes help to explain their 'live fast, die young' lifestyle.
Nov 26 2015 | Forbes
At least one study found that 99% of the deals out there really aren’t worth it and the frenzy may be waning due to changes in consumer behavior.
Nov 8 2015 | The New York Times
The richest awards in science were handed out Sunday night when the Breakthrough Prize organization presented a total of $21.9 million to physicists, mathematicians, life scientists and one talented high school student.
Nov 5 2015 | AP The Big Story
Dr. Sergiu Pasca, a neuroscientist, used to envy cancer specialists. They could get their hands on tumors for research, while Pasca could not directly study key portions of a living brain.