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The latest research and discoveries from the Stanford neuroscience community.

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Mar 4 2022
With the publication of the first comprehensive single-cell transcriptional atlas of Drosophila by a global consortium co-led by Wu Tsai Neuro scientists, our understanding of this diminutive scientific heavyweight is reaching new heights.
Mar 4 2022 | Scope Blog
Research by David Prince, Frank Longo, and colleagues points to a new possible approach to treating Dravet syndrome.
Feb 25 2022 | HAI
A Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate assesses the state of AI in healthcare and encourages executives to think beyond the model.
Feb 24 2022 | HAI
A meta-analysis of 18,000 fMRI studies challenges neuroscientists’ understanding of brain functions and reaffirms the need for more targeted treatments for mental disorders.
Feb 23 2022 | Stanford Medicine
Wu Tsai Neuro researchers have linked a specific gene known to be associated with ALS with a characteristic of the disease, opening avenues for a targeted therapy.
Feb 23 2022
To understand what causes brain degeneration, Wu Tsai Neuro scientists are looking beyond the brain's neurons and synapses to explore the vast infrastructure that supports them.
Feb 18 2022 | Stanford Engineering
A new platform enables the circuits to release the proteins from the cell or display them on the cell surface, potentially opening up new opportunities in synthetic biology.
Feb 17 2022 | Stanford Medicine
Girls with autism differ in several brain centers compared with boys with the disorder, suggesting gender-specific diagnostics are needed, a Stanford study using artificial intelligence found.
Feb 15 2022 | Stanford Magazine
Carolyn Bertozzi wanted to see and work with the sugars that coat our cells, so she created a whole new approach to chemistry. That was just the beginning.
Feb 15 2022 | Stanford Report
The Wu Tsai Neuro affiliates join three other Stanford faculty members named 2022 Sloan Research Fellows.