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New Stanford Medicine magazine focuses on the brain and brain health

An illustration of the brain made up of little golden locks.
Illustration by Craig Cutler

The latest issue of Stanford Medicine magazine explores new discoveries about the brain and nervous system and how these findings are leading to remarkable advances in neurological care.

Read the full issue, or check out some of the featured stories below:

Unlocking the secrets of the brain




Making a comeback

New ways to prevent — or even reverse — dementia, paralysis and blindness

Same injury, different brain (video)

Exploring how women’s trauma recovery differs from men’s


A delicate operation

Removing a tumor from deep in a 2-year-old’s brain


Opening stroke’s window

Treating stroke more than a few hours after the crisis is no longer considered absurd


Brains on brains

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute draws researchers together to explore the mind



A way through the brambles

A conversation with flute virtuoso Eugenia Zukerman on Alzheimer’s, music, poetry and joy


Good vibrations

Can Parkinson’s symptoms be stopped?


The man who couldn’t cry

Adapted from Projections: A story of human emotions