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Stanford doctor answers Daylight Saving Time and other sleep questions

Woman covering face with pillow
Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer
Mar 14 2022


By Hanae Armitage

We may have "sprung forward" this past weekend, but the pep in your step might be a little sluggish thanks to that missing hour of shut eye. Sleep, as we all know, is the all-powerful, sometimes elusive, rejuvenation we all need -- but what's the science behind our nightly rest? Why do we dream? Why do some people sleep less than others?

In an #AskMeAnything hosted by the Stanford Medicine social media team, sleep scientist Rafael Pelayo, MD, answers questions posed to him on Instagram about sleep, dreams, Daylight Saving Time and more.

The following Q&A represents selected answers from the session and has been edited for clarity and length.