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Jul 2 2020 | Stanford News
Zhenan Bao, the K.K. Lee professor of chemical engineering at Stanford and chair of Chemical Engineering, has been named the first winner of the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize.
Jun 25 2020 | Stanford Medicine
The Stanford-based center’s affiliated faculty and staff, aided by more than 400 volunteers, conduct research on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and related disorders.
Jun 24 2020 | Stanford Scope
Tracking brainwave patterns and symptoms in patients with depression, researchers used artificial intelligence to predict best treatment options.
Jun 15 2020 | Stanford News
Researchers have created a device that can integrate and interact with neuron-like cells. This could be an early step toward an artificial synapse for use in brain-computer interfaces.
Jun 13 2020 | Stanford News
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has awarded $1.49 million to research projects involving Stanford Medicine scientists who will investigate emerging ideas about the role of inflammation in disease.
Jun 11 2020 | Stanford News
Tessier-Lavigne shares the prize with two other neuroscientists. They are being recognized for discoveries revealing the molecular mechanisms that guide axon development in neural circuits.
By making two different alterations to a single messenger protein, researchers induced the body’s biochemical control system to target two very different conditions.
Jun 4 2020 | Stanford News
Stanford Vice Provost and Dean of Research Kathryn Moler wants all research resources to be as readily available as books in a library. This model would enable faculty and students to pursue the most innovative research in flexible, collaborative teams.
Jun 3 2020 | Stanford Scope
Going outside soon after waking — rather than hopping directly onto a video call — will help you sleep better, says a Stanford vision researcher.
Jun 3 2020 | Stanford News
This work marks the beginning of an effort to better understand memory and memory loss in older adults using advanced imaging and data analysis techniques.