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Aug 15 2013 | NeuWrite West Blog
Graduate students take questions from the public and answer them on the blog Neuwrite West as part of their Ask the Expert series.
The steady accumulation of a protein in healthy, aging brains may explain seniors’ vulnerability to neurodegenerative disorders, a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine reports.
Aug 13 2013 | NeuWrite West Blog
Part 2 of a series in the graduate student blog Neuwrite West about John Ioannidis’ work finding that many published neuroscience findings are false.
In a breakthrough that could have wide-ranging applications in molecular medicine, Stanford University researchers have created a bioengineered peptide that enables imaging of medulloblastomas, among the most devastating of malignant childhood brain tumors, in lab mice.
Aug 12 2013 | NeuWrite West Blog
Graduate student David Lipton writes for the blog Neuwrite West about work in Kang Shen’s lab on how neurons transport proteins to where they are needed.
Aug 5 2013 | Stanford Report
Stanford mechanical engineer Sunil Puria is unraveling the mysteries of bone conduction hearing, which could lead to a better understanding of hearing – and some types of hearing loss.
Jul 31 2013 | Stanford Report
Thirteen middle school teachers – from Southern California to the Bay Area – came to Stanford to learn about nanotechnology and to develop hands-on activities to use in their classrooms. The teachers are selected primarily from schools with students who are traditionally underrepresented in science.
Jul 16 2013 | Stanford Report
A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Education of how students best learned a neuroscience lesson showed a distinct benefit to starting out by working with an interactive 3D model of the brain.
Jul 8 2013 | NeuWrite West Blog
Graduate student Astra Bryant writes for the blog Neuwrite west about work by Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell, who gave a TedX talk on seismic communication in elephants.
A Stanford GSB professor of marketing explains why engaging your audience is key to success.