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Funded Research Projects

NeuroHealth | SIGF - Graduate Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Gustavo Chau
Absence epilepsy is a form of pediatric epilepsy which causes seizures with brief lapses in awareness. Electron microscopy results in a murine model of absence epilepsy support the hypothesis that maladaptive myelination plays a role in disease progression. To enable whole-brain, longitudinal...
NeuroHealth | Neuroscience:Translate
Current automated seizure detection software is slow, inaccurate and rarely precise enough for clinicians to rely upon. This project aims to use cutting-edge AI methods to develop a powerful new algorithm that will enable better seizure diagnosis and treatment plan formation.
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In light of the dual public health crises of chronic pain and opioids, there is an urgent need to develop non-addictive alternative therapies for chronic pain. This project's goal is to develop a new protocol for transcranial magnetic stimulation — a non-invasive method of neuromodulation — that is...
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Lead Researcher(s): Eric Kool, Katrin Andreasson
Acute brain inflammation after stroke and head trauma causes adverse health outcomes affecting millions of patients each year in the U.S., and current treatments are insufficient. This project will test a promising new therapy to reduce inflammation by targeting the enzyme OGG1, a potentially...
NeuroHealth | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Claire Bedbrook
Aging is the number one risk factor for debilitating diseases such as neurodegeneration. Can manipulation of neurons in the brain alter the body’s physiological state to extend lifespan? Neuropeptides are key modulators of short-term homeostasis such as feeding, temperature, and sleep. But whether...
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
Lead Researcher(s): David Kingsley, Jennifer L. Raymond
We will combine the genetics expertise of the Kingsley lab and the neuroscience expertise of the Raymond lab to characterize molecular, cellular, neurophysiological, and behavioral defects in mice engineered to model the risk or protective variants in the human calcium channel gene.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
This proposal brings together faculty with this diverse expertise to develop the first gold standard test of auditory-vocal affect. Once developed, validated, and normed, we will deploy this test in the clinical context of autism to quantify impairments and direct neurobiological investigation.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
This team will leverage the power of silicon probes to record from hundreds of neurons in mouse epilepsy models to understand neural correlates of the pre-seizure EEG. These results will be used to optimize a real-time seizure prediction algorithm that will be tested in human patients.
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Lead Researcher(s): Dennis Wall, James Landay
System uses computer vision algorithms and emotion classifiers integrated into gameplay to detect emotion in the child’s face via the phone’s front camera to determine agreement with the displayed prompt, along with other features such as gaze, eye contact, and joint attention.
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Developing an automated seizure detection and localization system based on deep neural networks, EEG data, and real-time video with the goal to dramatically increase neurologist diagnostic capabilities while improving quality of care.