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Funded Research Projects

NeuroHealth | Big Idea
Creating a center for neurodegeneration research focusing on brain maintenance and regeneration, and the role of the immune system in these processes.
NeuroHealth | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Christoph Leuze
The aim of this project is to improve the accuracy and reliability of dMRI fiber tracking through comparison with a gold standard that unambiguously relates the measured water diffusion patterns to the underlying tissue structure.
NeuroHealth | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Audrey Fan
Continuous blood flow to the brain is needed for neural tissues to survive. Noninvasive imaging of cerebral blood flow (CBF) in humans is challenging, but is critically useful to understand normal brain physiology and to help patients with cerebrovascular disorders such as stroke.
NeuroHealth | Big Idea
Breaches barriers in our understanding of stroke to develop therapies and improve stroke recovery.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
To combat age related macular degeneration, we propose to identify genes that increase survival of the light sensing nerves of the eye.
NeuroHealth | EPFL-Stanford Exchange
Lead Researcher(s): Richard E. Grewelle
Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease second only to malaria in its human health and economic impact on tropical nations. For over a century, large efforts to control the disease in effected communities have been met with limited success because elimination requires both treatment of humans and...
NeuroHealth | EPFL-Stanford Exchange
Lead Researcher(s): Daniel S. Joyce
Although you’re aware of the light that you see, light also affects us in ways that you might not appreciate. These so called “non-image forming” (NIF) pathways were recently discovered, they start in the human eye before projecting to over a dozen brain regions. They modulate aspects of human...