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Funded Research Projects

NeuroDiscovery | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Sriram Jayabal
Meta-learning, an old concept in psychology, is the ability of humans to improve the way they learn with experience.  Our previous experience of learning a skill makes us better at learning another, related skill. For instance, an athlete will learn a new sport faster than someone without the same...
NeuroHealth | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Claire Bedbrook
Aging is the number one risk factor for debilitating diseases such as neurodegeneration. Can manipulation of neurons in the brain alter the body’s physiological state to extend lifespan? Neuropeptides are key modulators of short-term homeostasis such as feeding, temperature, and sleep. But whether...
NeuroDiscovery | Seed Grant
These tools will enable us to dissect how myelin contributes to specific brain circuits and types of neurons, bringing us closer to a holistic understanding of how cells in the brain collaborate to build a functional nervous system.
NeuroEngineering | Seed Grant
We believe our research has the potential of generating transformative results for both neuroscience research and neurological applications, also offering strategies to manipulate key intracellular pathways to prevent gliosis in therapeutic neural implants.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
Lead Researcher(s): David Kingsley, Jennifer L. Raymond
We will combine the genetics expertise of the Kingsley lab and the neuroscience expertise of the Raymond lab to characterize molecular, cellular, neurophysiological, and behavioral defects in mice engineered to model the risk or protective variants in the human calcium channel gene.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
This proposal brings together faculty with this diverse expertise to develop the first gold standard test of auditory-vocal affect. Once developed, validated, and normed, we will deploy this test in the clinical context of autism to quantify impairments and direct neurobiological investigation.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
This team will leverage the power of silicon probes to record from hundreds of neurons in mouse epilepsy models to understand neural correlates of the pre-seizure EEG. These results will be used to optimize a real-time seizure prediction algorithm that will be tested in human patients.
NeuroEngineering | Seed Grant
We propose to design a lightweight, wearable system for integrated ultrasonic drug uncaging and fUS neuroimaging to noninvasively pharmacologically modulate a brain target and then image the resultant changes in neural activity without significant motion limitations.
NeuroDiscovery | SIGF - Graduate Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Isabel Low
Behavioral state—such as alertness or exhaustion—dramatically impacts how our brains function. Yet, in spite of the key role that it plays in cognition, how behavioral state influences brain function remains a central mystery in neuroscience.
NeuroDiscovery | SIGF - Graduate Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Jeffrey Wang
Developing a platform of biocompatible nanoparticles that uncage a drug payload upon ultrasound application.