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Funded Research Projects

NeuroHealth | Big Idea
Breaches barriers in our understanding of stroke to develop therapies and improve stroke recovery.
NeuroDiscovery | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Kevin Mann
For decades we have known that a wide variety of animals use the earth’s magnetic field for navigation, although the means by which they sense it has remained a mystery. There is a long-standing idea that animals like migratory birds use small magnetic deposits in their beaks to act as a compass,...
NeuroEngineering | Big Idea
Lead Researcher(s): Nicholas Melosh
Creating an incubator for next-generation neural interface platforms.
NeuroDiscovery | Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Rupa Lalchandani
Due to the critical role that dopamine producing neurons play in pathophysiology, it is important to examine the function of its co-released GABA. This research aims to study GABA biosynthesis in midbrain dopamine producing neurons and it’s effect on striatal inhibition.
NeuroHealth | Seed Grant
This project will develop PET ligands to image where and when the earliest microglial changes occur in Alzheimer's Disease to aid in early detection of the disease and development of new therapeutics.
NeuroDiscovery | Seed Grant
We aim to understand how brain mechanisms of spatial reasoning are brought into play during symbolic mathematical cognition and to identify individual differences in these mechanisms that co-vary with mathematical ability and mathematical experience.
NeuroDiscovery | Seed Grant
Autism is a highly genetic developmental brain disorder which is characterized by social impairments. Autism affects 1 in 68 US children, with an annual cost in the US of $250 billion dollars. Unfortunately, the basic biology of autism remains poorly understood. Consequently, there are currently no...
NeuroEngineering | SIGF - Graduate Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Yi Liu
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has become an important method for directly modulating neuronal activities through electric currents. Compared with drugs, DBS is much less likely to cause brain-wide or systemic side effects. Although the use of DBS to treat several motor symptoms has been approved by...
NeuroDiscovery | SIGF - Graduate Fellowship
Lead Researcher(s): Darian Hadjiabadi
The pathological generation and propagation of seizures in the epileptic brain is poorly understood. The convergence of large-scale neural recording, quantitative massive network mining, and precise genetic engineering platforms provides us an unprecedented opportunity to examine epilepsy-induced...