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Services and Rates

Brain slice from a rodent model of human brain disease


A white mouse explores a researcher's gloved hand


A neuron glows bright green and blue


Scientific image showing stained tissue

Bio- / Histochemical

  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD)

  • Molecular Pharmacology

  • Non-GLP Safety and Pathological Evaluation

  • General histological stains

  • Immunohistochemistry using the ABC/DAB method

  • Immunofluorescence for various cellular markers

  • Biochemical evaluation of samples

  • Neuropathological assessment in models of Alzheimer’s Disease

Our Services

The Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Laboratory has over 60 behavioral paradigms to accommodate a full battery of behavioral tests relevant to learning and memory, sensory gating, motor function, nociception, addiction and anxiety-related behaviors. We are fully equipped to evaluate drug efficacy, genetic and pharmacological phenotyping in both mice and rats. In addition, the center provides expertise in an array of acute and chronic experimental models of neurodegenerative disorders such as stroke and ischemic brain injury.

We also provide in vitro pharmacology services including Amyloid beta, LPS, Alpha synuclein and NMDA toxicity assays. We provide Primary Cortical Neurons (PCN) and Primary Hippocampal Neurons (PHN), microglia cultures for phagocytosis assay and live cell imaging to study the effects of the drug/treatment on gene or protein expression. The cultured neurons are also useful in studying the morphology of neurons and synapse formation/density. Cell survival and toxicity can be evaluated using different techniques such as western blotting, qPCR, and immunocytochemistry.

Review our latest upgrades and services in our 2022 Brochure:

Stanford Behavioral and Functional Neurosciences Laboratory 2022 Brochure

Service Rates

BFNL has 3 levels of services. See below for our FY23 rate structure for Stanford users:

Full Service We manage the studies from the beginning to the end. We design and conduct the experiment. Results and reports are provided to the users. $169/hour
Equipment and procedure room usage We train users. Users will independently conduct the experiment after initial training. $59-$73/hour
Procedure room usage We provide the procedure room for users. Users will bring their own equipment and independently conduct the experiment. $24/hour

Key Technologies / Equipment:

BFNL is located inside the SIM-1 barrier and at 1050 Arastradero semi-barrier facilities. We offer:

  • Over 20 procedure rooms for behavioral pharmacology experiments
  • 3 surgery rooms with 11 surgical stations and downdraft tables for tissue collection
  • 3 dedicated colony rooms only for our users
  • Dedicated BSL2+ room for working with AAVs, Lenti, Alpha synuclein, Borrelia, etc
  • Over 50 types of major rodent behavioral testing equipment including Open Field Activity Chambers, Y-maze, Novel Place and Novel Object Recognition, Morris Water Maze, Fear Conditioning, Self-Administration Chambers, and more...
  • IncuCyte for live cell imaging, Cryostats, qPCR, WB, HPLC, Azure Biosystems for quantitative analysis of gels, blots, slides, tissue samples, Microplate Reader, Epifluorescence microscopy (EFM) and more….