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Stock Viruses

The virus core has generated several pre-made viruses (AAVs, lentiviruses, retroviruses) that are available at cost on a first come, first served basis. Stock viruses can serve several purposes such as:

  • negative controls
  • screening cells and animals for infection efficiency in cases where it is unknown (“tropism screening”)
  • practicing infections or in vivo injections  

Since the stock viruses are pre-made, the time required to obtain them is significantly shortened.  Several stock viruses are currently available that express fluorescent reporters or optogenetic tools.  Stock viruses with specific genes of interest will be generated and maintained if there is enough ongoing demand. 

All stock viruses can be made as custom preps in any available serotype.


Deisseroth lab INTRSECT constructs/viruses Standard Operating Procedure (SOPfile):


Download the current list of Stock Viruses