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Hosting speakers and student/postdoc participation

Hosting Speakers

The student, postdoc or faculty who nominates a selected speaker typically serves as the host. The Committee Chair, Jun Ding, contacts hosts soon after speakers are selected in the spring.

Duties of a host:

  • May contact the speaker and schedule a date for the speaker to visit
  • Organizes the faculty meetings for the speaker on the day of his/her visit
  • Organizes a small dinner in the evening after the seminar

Student Lunch

Every year graduate students organize student lunches with the speakers. The focus of the lunchtime discussion is mainly about the speaker’s research.

Sign-ups for lunch are announced at the beginning of each quarter to all students within the broad Neurosciences Institute community. If you would like to attend any of the weekly lunches, please contact Michelle Drews or Cosmos Wang

Student Breakfast

This is a new program that we are piloting in the Fall quarter. The breakfasts are an opportunity for students to have a free-ranging broad and even non-scientific discussion with speakers in an informal setting; a sort of "Ask-Me-Anything" style conversation. They will be held on Friday morning following the seminar from 9am till 10am, and will be open to ~15 trainees. Other than the speaker, facuulty are not permitted to attend. . Trainees can ask them whatever they like about the speakers' work, neuroscience and life! 

Sign-ups will be announced to all students within the Neurosciences Institute community. If you would like to attend any of the breakfasts, please contact Ethan Richman or Will Allen.