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2021 Symposium Closing Remarks - William Newsome

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 16:15

Bill Newsome is the Vincent V. C. Woo Director of the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, the Harman Family Provostial Professor, and Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University. He is a leading investigator in sensory and cognitive neuroscience. His lab has made fundamental discoveries about how decisions are made in the brain, starting from simple perceptual decisions to more sophisticated foraging, or “value” decisions. Bill has served as chair of the Department of Neurobiology and as director of the Neurosciences Graduate Program. A Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator alumnus and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Bill has received several distinguished awards, including the Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award and the Karl Spencer Lashley Award, as well as the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association.

William Newsome
Vincent V. C. Woo Director, Harman Family Provostial Professor
Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Stanford University