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Grants and Research Funding

Programs Stanford Neurosciences Institute
Research with impact.

The Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute's interdisciplinary research grants will fundamentally advance our understanding of the mind, brain and behavior in health and disease.  Through everything we do, we are bringing together brilliant people from diverse disciplines to tackle the unanswered questions in neuroscience.

We ask our faculty to come together and dream big. Big Ideas in Neuroscience grants catalyze cross-disciplinary teams of researchers to collaboratively tackle fundamental questions that advance our understanding of the mind, brain and behavior in health and disease.

The Neuroscience:Translate grant program supports translational neuroscience research projects at the intersection of biology, engineering and medicine in partnership with the Stanford Byers Institute for Biodesign.

The Phil and Penny Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience seeks creative and bold proposals to generate paradigm-shifting insights into the biology of brain aging, the drivers of neurodegenerative disease and opportunities to promote brain health and resilience long into what we now consider "old age".

In partnership with the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI), we are seeking proposals that transform our understanding of the human brain using AI and advance the development of intelligent technology.

Our seed grant program funds innovative, interdisciplinary research projects in the neurosciences.  We seek focused, intense collaborations between 2-3 faculty members piloting a novel idea.

Research accelerator projects are driven by interdisciplinary teams of faculty making advancements in specific areas of neuroscience research.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Stanford University seek applicants for short-term international research exchanges funded by Firmenich.

Recognizing that scholars visiting on sabbatical are a key opportunity for collaboration, the Institute offers a Visiting Scholar Award.