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We look forward to working with members of the community to advance our understanding of the mind and brain.

Requesting a Service

Prior to beginning a project please schedule an on-boarding meeting.

For questions regarding facility access, tours, or independent user training, please contact the NPIL facility.

Specific service center requests should be made through the Stanford iLab system.

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Visit us at the new Stanford Neurosciences building:

Our Team

Jieun Kim

Jieun Kim, PhD, NPIL Director (contact)

Faculty Advisory Committee

Jin Hyung Lee, PhD  NPIL Faculty Director, Associate Professor of Neurology, of Neurosurgery and of Bioengineering and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering

Gary H Glover, PhD  Professor of Radiology (Radiological Sciences Lab) and, by courtesy, of Psychology and of Electrical Engineering

Antonio Omuro, MD  Joseph D. Grant Professor, Chair of Neurosurgery

Jennifer A McNab, PhD  Associate Professor (Research) of Radiology (Radiological Sciences Laboratory)

Kang Shen, PhD  Vincent V.C. Woo Director, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Frank Lee and Carol Hall Professor and Professor of Biology and of Pathology

Ivan Soltesz, PhD  James R. Doty Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurosciences

Kawin Setsompop, PhD  Associate Professor of Radiology, and by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering