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The Stanford Neuroscience Microscopy Service (NMS) is a university service center founded in 2007 to provide microscopy expertise and access to high-resolution, state-of-the-art imaging technologies to Stanford University and surrounding academic and biotech researchers. 

Our facilities are centrally located at the Stanford Neuroscience Building and Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building, both conveniently accessible via a ~5-10 minute walk to all researchers from the nearby School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and School of Humanities and Sciences. 

Dr. Gordon Wang is the Director of the NMS and faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the NMS's long-range objectives. He also oversees the day-to-day management and operation of the NMS. Dr. Wang reports directly to the Director of Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute (Kang Shen) and the associate director for Neurosciences Community Labs (Tim Doyle).

The NMS works closely with the Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF). Together the NMS and the CSIF form a unified Optical Microscopy Group that serves, educates, and advances optical microscopy at Stanford.


Our Services

We offer: 

  • Confocal, light-sheet, super-resolution, widefield and two-photon imaging
  • Fully supported imaging and training
  • Complete experimental guidance from experimental implementation to data analysis
  • Full-service data collection

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NMS Director


Gordon Wang, PhD

Neuroscience Microscopy Service director



NMS Faculty Advisory Committee

Michael Lin, Associate Professor of Neurobiology and of Bioengineering

William Newsome, Harman Family Provostial Professor of Neurobiology and Vincent V.C. Woo Director of the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

Gary Steinberg, Bernard and Ronni Lacroute-William Randolph Hearst Professor in Neurosurgery and Neurosciences

Theo Palmer, Professor of Neurosurgery

Jennifer L. Raymond, Berthold and Belle N. Guggenheim Professor of Neurobiology

John Huguenard, Professor of Neurology

Robert Malenka, Nancy Friend Pritzker Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Gordon Wang, Director of Neuroscience Microscopy Service, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Tim Doyle, Director of Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Neurosciences Community Labs

Stephen J Smith, Emeritus Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Meritorious Investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

Yi Zuo, Professor of MCD Biology, UC Santa Cruz