EEG Facility | Koret Human Neurosciences Lab

Graphic design of an EEG

High-density electroencephalography (EEG) recordings have wide application in basic and clinical human neuroscience.

The Koret Human Neuroscience Community Lab is designed to provide investigators across the Stanford campus with access to modern 128-channel EEG technology that can be combined with a variety of sensory stimulation protocols in a facility that is designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for research participants and their care-givers.

The EEG facility consists of a preparation room and a recording suite comprising an acoustically and electrically shielded recording booth with separate control room. The facility additionally provides a waiting area for care-givers, family members and others who may accompany the participant. 

  • High-density EEG recordings are provided by an EGI NetStation system which uses rapid application 128-channel saline-based EGI SensorNets. Nets are available for adults and children down to ~ age 5.
  • Visual and auditory stimulation can be provided via EPrime and by an in-house system designed for recording Steady-State Evoked Potentials.

Investigators of all experience levels are welcome to contact us about potential research projects.

Lab personnel with expertise in EEG-based experiments can discuss project feasibility and consult on research design, relevant signal  processing and statistical analysis approaches and customization of instrumentation and software.