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To get started with a project or learn about the facility, contact the Neuroscience Microscopy Service director to schedule a free consultation, a 10-minute overview presentation for your next lab meeting, or an individual training session.

Contact Us

Gordon Wang, PhD, Director


(650) 723-8818 [Office]
(510) 378-5050 [Mobile]

Visit us at the new Stanford Neurosciences Building

290 Jane Stanford Way, Room S080

Stanford, CA 94305

24/7 Access Available: Once you are proficient on a piece of equipment, you may obtain off-hours access to the facility for use of that equipment.

Before Initiating a Project

For Stanford researchers, to use the resources of the Neuroscience Microscopy Service (NMS), you will need:

  • APLAC approval for any studies involving laboratory animals or tissue from them,
  • training from the NMS appropriate to the resources you wish to use.

Additionally, if you plan to use either of the two-photon microscopes, you will need to take Stanford's online laser safety training course.

Non-Stanford researchers may use the facility on a limited basis. Contact the NMS director to make arrangements.

All Stanford Service Center requests go through the Stanford iLab System

Visit us on iLab


ServiceFY21 Hourly Rate
Confocal Imaging$48 ($38 off-hours)
Two-Photon Imaging$48 
Light-Sheet Imaging$48
Fluorescence Imaging (Axioimager)$38
Image Analysis Workstations$22
Training / Technical Assistance$120

Off-hours are 5 pm to 8 am M-F, and any time on weekends.

Giving Credit to NMS

As with all Stanford Service Centers, credit must be given to NMS for data that results in a publication. If the work done at NMS produces data resulting in a figure in a publication, you are required to acknowledge NMS ("Stanford Neuroscience Microscopy Service") in the publication. Further, if NMS staff members provided significant experimental design, data interpretation, or other intellectual contribution (as evaluated by the PI), then it is expected that these individuals will be coauthors on the publication.

Important note: please keep NMS informed of such publications. Send us the citation (including PubMed ID), or a link to the journal article when it is published online. Supported publications are an important metric for continued administrative support of service centers at Stanford, and we rely on you to make our publication lists complete!

We are also looking for new images to feature on the NMS website. If you collect gorgeous imagery in our facility (and we know you will), please consider sharing it with us to post online.

Contact us if you have any questions about this policy