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The delivery of recombinant genes into neurons is a critically important strategy for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying all brain functions, as well as for how these mechanisms go awry in brain disorders.

A complementary and equally important strategy is delivery of inhibitory RNAs to eliminate or reduce specific brain proteins. Genetically engineered viruses provide powerful tools for introducing these constructs into brain cells. Indeed it is now possible, using a single virus particle, to both eliminate specific proteins and replace them with modified versions in specific subsets of cells in the brain. It is also possible, using viruses, to express proteins that will allow precise control over the electrical activity of individual nerve cells. These virally mediated molecular manipulations allow unprecedented experimental control over synapses, cells and circuits in model systems as well as in vivo in the mammalian brain.

To facilitate the use of these state-of-the-art methodologies by Stanford neuroscientists, the Neuroscience Gene Vector and Virus Core centralizes the process of producing and distributing viral vectors and cDNA plasmids. This benefits the Neurosciences Institute's overall mission by preventing the duplication of efforts by Stanford faculty and thus greatly increasing the efficiency of all of our programs.

Our Services

Virology and Molecular Biology Services

  • Plasmid construction
  • Plasmid production
  • Plasmid sequencing
  • Genomic titering via digital quantitative PCR/RT-PCR
  • Infectious titer assays
  • Transient transfections
  • Plasmid distribution
  • Free consultations
  • Others available by request

Custom Viruses Produced

  • Adeno-associated viruses
  • Lentiviruses
  • Gamma-retroviruses

Stock Viruses

  • GVVC maintains over 300 viral vectors encoding useful viral genetic technologies on hand for immediate distribution. 
  • GVVC is proud to showcase Stanford's track record of innovation by distributing a wide variety of molecular genetic technologies developed by Stanford scientists.
  • GVVC is a neuroscience-focused core, so many of the stock technologies are most applicable in neural systems, but GVVC also stocks a wide variety of tools useful to biological research more generally.
  • GVVC can distribute stock viruses in any quantity (charged per microliter).
  • This flexibility makes the stock virus distribution stream optimized for quick pilot experiments and testing of many variants in order to optimize research protocols early in project development.
  • Do you want a stock virus in a different serotype?  All stock viruses can be made in any available serotype as a custom production. Place a custom AAV request and specify that you want a specific stock virus (provide virus name and GVVC ID) in the serotype of your choosing.
  • GVVC is always looking to improve service offerings to the academic research community, so if you have any recommendations for tools not currently in stock, or have personally developed novel genetic technologies that you would like to see distributed through GVVC, please feel free to reach out to the GVVC Director with your request!

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