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Probing the inner workings of the brain

NeuroDiscovery applies cutting-edge techniques to make fundamental discoveries in brain science — discoveries that could unlock new medical treatments, transform education, inform public policy, and help us understand who we are. Our scientists peer at individual molecules operating where one neuron sends signals to the next. We trace networks of interconnected neurons to map the neural circuits responsible for different brain functions. And we tap into those circuits, tracking dynamic chemical and electrical signals to understand how our brains detect, integrate and transform stimuli into action.

Our NeuroDiscovery Projects

Funded Research - Knight Postdoctoral Fellowship
With an aging population, neurodegenerative disorders contribute increasingly to our global health burden with no cure or effective treatments. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) are two neurodegenerative disorders that are distinct in clinical presentation (ALS impairs movement/breathing, whereas FTD impairs behavior/cognition).
Funded Research - Postdoctoral Fellowship
We understand a lot about how the brain gets rewired when learning a new skill by repetitive practice, such as hitting a curveball. However, how learning and experience alter the innate behaviors that we are born with is poorly understood.
News - Jan 17 2023
Wu Tsai Neuro