Neurosciences Community Laboratories Staff

Mehrdad Shamloo

Professor Mehrdad Shamloo has held several positions at various biopharmaceutical companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, with demonstrated extensive focus on both CNS drug discovery and pre-clinical development. In 2008, Dr. Shamloo joined Stanford University and established the Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Core Laboratory (BFNL), as well as his own research laboratory which focused on the furtherment of understanding of normal and pathological brain functions in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), stroke and autism.

Alfredo Dubra

My interest in ophthalmology started at a very early age, motivated by my own amblyopia and hyperopia. These led me to study physics and optics, first at the Universidad de la República (Uruguay), and later at Imperial College London (UK) and the University or Rochester (USA). Since then, my research has focused on the advancement of optical technologies for improving the understanding, diagnosing and monitoring of conditions that result in vision loss.

Christoph Leuze

Dr. Leuze co-directs the Visualization Laboratory, a Wu Tsai Neuro Community Lab focused on exploring applications of virtual and mixed reality technologies in neuroscience research. As a former Interdisciplinary Scholar, Dr. Leuze applied the CLARITY technique to human brain tissue that is analyzed in parallel by 3D dMRI with the goal of deciphering the structural resolution achievable with dMRI.

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