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Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Opportunities

Stanford undergraduates are encouraged to explore the wide variety of neuroscience research opportunities available on campus, including those posted here (all by labs actively seeking undergraduate research assistants). Stanford faculty seeking research assistants are invited to submit opportunities for undergraduates. For help, please contact Elise Kleeman.

We are working on central nervous system axon regeneration and stem cell therapy towards vision restoration.
We study mechanisms for development and prevention of injury-induced and genetic epilepsies.
We study mechanisms of early brain and language development in order to develop therapies that can improve learning outcomes in children at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.
We want to develop wearable biosensors for mental illness patients.
We aim to develop precision gene-editing technology with machine learning to study and treat neural-immune diseases, with particular interest in neuro-degeneration (AD/PD).
We study variation across populations to understand human health and disease, using genomic and proteomic data.
We’re exploring advances in neuromodulation for mental health disorders and obesity, from mouse to human.
The Poston Lab seeks to understand the mechanisms underlying cognitive impairment and dementia in patients with Parkinson's disease.
We want to understand how nutrition influences brain development and social behavior.
We want to develop repair strategies for spinal cord injury patients using stem cells.