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Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Opportunities

Stanford undergraduates are encouraged to explore the wide variety of neuroscience research opportunities available on campus, including those posted here (all by labs actively seeking undergraduate research assistants). Stanford faculty seeking research assistants are invited to submit opportunities for undergraduates. For help, please contact Elise Kleeman.

We want to understand the neuronal mechanisms underlying sensory perception.
We are interested in understanding the structural basis of neurodegenerative diseases at subcellular and macromolecular level.
We want to understand how the brain gives rise to self-control.
Our goal is to make quantitative links between cortical activity measured in humans with perceptual behavior.
We have identified hair biomarkers (e.g., cortisol and oxytocin) for investigating cumulative stress in young children and their parents, but don't know their values among normal, healthy individuals.
Our research seeks to advance our understanding of cerebrovascular disease and to develop new minimally invasive treatments for these diseases.
We want to understand how the sensory brain state changes just before and during epileptic seizures.
We want to understand the mechanisms of rare and ultrarare genetic diseases at the intersection of myocardial, myocyte and neurobiology.
We study mechanisms of human vision, its development and degradation in disease.
We are working on central nervous system axon regeneration and stem cell therapy towards vision restoration.