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Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Opportunities

Stanford undergraduates are encouraged to explore the wide variety of neuroscience research opportunities available on campus, including those posted here (all by labs actively seeking undergraduate research assistants). Stanford faculty seeking research assistants are invited to submit opportunities for undergraduates. For help, please contact Jill Wentzell.

We engineer bimolecular circuits to enhance our ability of manipulating mammalian cells for basic research and biomedical applications.
We are interested in wearable device technologies that interface with human skin
Ricci Lab studies dissecting the cellular and molecular mechanisms of hearing
Gevaert lab focuses on biomedical data fusion of complex diseases with a particular focus on oncology and cardiovascular diseases.
The research objectives of the Stanford Memory Laboratory are to understand the psychological and neural mechanisms that build memories and enable their expression, as well as how these mechanisms change with age and disease.
We study what supports the developing neural stem cell niche during early brain development with a special focus on the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and neural tube closure (NTC).
Wang Lab studies how regulation of gene expression occurs by noncoding RNAs and changes in 3-dimensional structure of chromatin
We study how different regions of the human brain work together in a network manner
We want to generate transplantable eye and tissue from a patients own cells to restore sight.
My lab interested in understanding how brain circuits mediate motivated behaviors and how maladaptive change in these circuits lead to neuropsychiatric disorders.