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Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Opportunities

Stanford undergraduates are encouraged to explore the wide variety of neuroscience research opportunities available on campus, including those posted here (all by labs actively seeking undergraduate research assistants). Stanford faculty seeking research assistants are invited to submit opportunities for undergraduates. For help, please contact Elise Kleeman.

Our goal is to make quantitative links between cortical activity measured in humans with perceptual behavior.
The research objectives of the Stanford Memory Laboratory are to understand the psychological and neural mechanisms that build memories and enable their expression, as well as how these mechanisms change with age and disease.
We study mechanisms of human vision, its development and degradation in disease.
We seek to understand how poor sleep contributes to impairments in mood and cognition through impacting brain function.
Understanding the complex relationship between sleep, brain function, and mood/cognition.
The goal of our research is to understand the algorithms used by the brain to implement learning.
We want to understand how nutrition influences brain development and social behavior.
We want to understanding the impact of early Alzheimer's disease on cognitive aging.
We want to discover causes and to find cures for eye and brain diseases.
Shinozaki Lab is investigating epigenetic mechanism of neuroinflammation, delirium and aging using human samples as well as mouse model.