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Angela Mendoza Dorantes

2024 NeURO-CC fellow
Biology major
DeAnza College

I am a Mexican immigrant and currently a freshman at De Anza majoring in Biology on the pre-vet track. Biology is my main topic of interest, as cellular function and genetics have always fascinated me. I am also interested in animal studies as I strive to attend veterinary school. All interests combined drive me to research medicine, treatments, and diseases in animal care.

I am highly interested in molecular biology and genetics, as well as animal care. I hope I can create a positive impact on the world through caring for the many animals that inhabit this planet. I am looking forward to my time in the NeURO-CC program as a fellow and broadening interests I have and learning new things.

In my free time I like to draw, volunteer at my local shelter, attend concerts, and spend time with friends and family.

Faculty Mentor: Irene L. Llorente