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Audrey Fan

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Audrey Fan

Audrey Fan

Stanford Neurosciences Institute Interdisciplinary Scholar
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Radiology

Audrey is excited to interact with scientists and clinicians of diverse backgrounds to develop new diagnostic tools. She is passionate about new imaging and signal processing methods that enable new noninvasive, quantitative biomarkers to study brain function and disease.

Audrey completed her bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biological Sciences at Stanford, and her PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. While in Boston, she fostered close collaborations at cutting-edge hospitals and the Martinos Center for Imaging. Audrey is thrilled to be back at the Farm to develop a new hybrid imaging modality that combines positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
She looks forward to grow a strong, interdisciplinary mentorship team within the Stanford Neurosciences Institute and in turn give back as a mentor during her postdoc career.