Fatih Dinc

Applied Physics
machine learning, graph theory, short-term memory

Fatih received his BS degree in Physics and in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University, Turkey, in 2018, and his MSc degree in Physics from University of Waterloo. During his MSc degree, he completed Perimeter Scholars International program aimed at theoretical physicists. As of Fall 2019, he is a PhD student at the Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University. Using machine learning methods and brain imaging data from mice, he aims to tap into the internal neural circuitry of the brain and understand the neural ensemble dynamics underlying memory formation and recollection in the short- and long-term. He has played table tennis professionally and recreationally for more than ten years. During his undergraduate years, he joined the BUSAS, Bogazici University Scuba Diving Club and frequently took part in diving trips. He enjoys cooking and trying out new food.