Jennifer A McNab

Jennifer A McNab

Associate Professor (Research), Radiology
Member, Bio-X
Member, Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance
Member, Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI)
Member, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Post-doc, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiology (2012)
PhD, University of Oxford, MRI Physics (2009)
MSc, University of Western Ontario, Medical Biophysics (2005)
BSc, University of British Columbia, Physics (2003)
Dr. McNab is an MRI Physicist focused on the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast mechanisms and acquisition strategies that yield new and/or improved images of the in vivo human brain. Over the past decade, she has developed numerous MRI acquisition methods, with her primary contributions being in the field of diffusion MRI. Dr. McNab has extensive experience with the most cutting-edge MRI technology, including the world's strongest human-MRI gradients (300 mT/m), highly-parallelized phased-array RF coils (64-channels) and ultra-high magnetic field (7T).