Lour Drick Valsote

2022 NeURO Trainee
Human Biology

Lour Drick Valsote (‘24) is a sophomore at Stanford planning on studying human biology with a focus on neuroscience. Initially interested in the neural mechanisms behind language acquisition, he has since become eager to seek a better understanding of how the human brain works (and sometimes does not work!). As a NeURO Fellow, he plans to work with the Knowles Lab to research difficult to treat forms of pediatric epilepsy, such as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. Beyond the lab, Lour Drick is also interested in studying foreign languages like Korean and Japanese. Around campus, Lour Drick is involved with Stanford Taekwondo and the Pilipino American Student Union. In his free time, Lour Drick can be found skateboarding around campus and filming videos for his YouTube channel.