Max Kanwal

Electrical Engineering
causal inference, predictive coding, theoretical neuroscience

Max Kanwal graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mathematics.  Max's scientific research interests revolve around developing a common theoretical framework to understand both natural and artificial intelligence.  Ultimately, he seeks to leverage this understanding to advance brain-AI interfacing technologies, in particular to engineer a closed-loop neural control system.  In preparation for this, Max has worked internationally with AI researchers, experimental neuroscientists, complexity theorists, and biologically inspired (e.g. neuromorphic) engineers across nine different research institutions.  He is a strong believer in Paul Erdős’s itinerant philosophy — that personal human interactions are at the core of interdisciplinary breakthroughs.  In his free time, Max likes to indulge in sports, including basketball, tennis, and weightlifting.  He is also an avid practitioner of meditation, aikido, tai chi, yoga, and improv.