Mohammad Elmojtaba Gumma

2021 NeURO Trainee
Department of Human Biology

Mohammad Elmojtaba Gumma (he/him) is a junior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in the Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health and minoring in African and African-American Studies. His love for medicine is entwined with his aspiration of becoming a physician and organizer who invigorates trust and care in the Black and Brown communities that have long been ignored and neglected by the healthcare system. At Stanford, he is involved in the Black Student Union as co-president, serves as the Co-Director of Racial Justice in the ASSU, and works at the Black Community Services Center. This summer, he will conduct research in the Gibson Lab, investigating not only how the circadian clock influences myelin-forming cell structure and function but also how aberrations or deficits in this process can lead to various neurological conditions. In his free time, Mohammad enjoys music from across the African diaspora, discussing current events, and spending time with friends.